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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the establishment cost for a new franchise?

From $450, 000 + GST , and includes:

  • Complete fit-out
  • Initial franchise fee

What are the other setup costs?

  • Initial opening stock
  • All training
  • Bank guarantee facility [traditionally 3 months’ rent]
  • Legal costs
  • Own due-diligence costs
  • Business etablishment costs

What is the franchise agreement?

  • Initial term 5 years
  • 5 year renewals available there after

What are the lease terms?

  • NightOwl holds the Head Lease
  • NightOwl issues the Franchisee a Sub-Lease
  • Leases are typically negotiated for 5 + 5 + 5 terms

What are the ongoing commitments to the franchisor?

  • 3.5% Royalty on gross weekly sales
  • 1% Marketing on gross Weekly sales
  • 1% Development levy on gross Weekly sales
  • Weekly online training subscription fee
  • Weekly price file maintenance fee

How does stock ordering work?

  • NightOwl negotiates for all franchised stores at Franchise Support Office
  • These trading terms are passed down to each Franchisee in the form of off-invoice discounts and special promotions buy prices
  • NightOwl has preferred suppliers which Franchisees order form
  • NightOwl has direct suppliers and indirect suppliers
  • Franchisees are responsible for their own ordering. This can be done automatically as long as the Franchisee is diligent with the Perpetual Inventory Process with in their back office
  • Investment buying opportunities regularly available

Is there flexibility in becoming a NightOwl franchisee?

Absolutely Yes!

Whilst there are compliance consistency guidelines with becoming a NightOwl Convenience franchisee, we encourage innovation and entrepreneurship within each business.

Franchisees have the security of a Franchise system but also have the ability to target their local demographic needs.

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